The business of dance needs to be your top priority!

You know being a dance school owner is a manic job and then you may be one of the many who hold down a full time job and run a dance school!  So thinking about all this business stuff is going to be maybe something you put on the back burner!

So PLEASE can I ask you not too!  Because ultimately you have to ask yourself what is your end goal?

Is it to have a highly successful dance school? – But on what terms?  How do you classify highly successful?  Is it the numbers, the bottom line, the exam results, the competition success?  Is it all of them?

Whatever your interpretation of success is – and you know we are all different so my interpretation of the word success may be different to yours and that’s ok – BUT whatever your interpretation of that word is you have to be continually striving to achieve that.

Therefore, the business aspect of your business has to be up there at the top of your to-do list!

BUT there is NO way I can do it ALL!!! Yeah, I hear you!  Ok – an example as I write this blog post, I have 74 things to do on my to-do list! Will they get done – yes because I will do it, delegate it or delete it!

Where you need to be is SO important.  You have heard the saying “work on your business not in your business” well how about this one for food for thought “Don’t do more of the wrong stuff” (Rebecca Jones, 2015)

If you are always doing more of the wrong stuff, then you will never move forward, something has to change for CHANGE to happen.  That change is YOU!  Focus on YOU and your skills.  Learn what you need to know about business so it can drive you and your business forward.

That is the only way you will get your successful dance school.

So if it’s too much of an ask right now – let’s take it in baby steps – or as my Dad says “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer – “bit by bit”.  Don’t try and do it all in 1 go – but TAKE ACTION, some action – any action to learning the business of dance.

Start with downloading my FREE eBook – 5 STEPS TO FILL YOUR DANCE CLASSES

In it is a stack of easy tips and advice you can implement NOW.

Have a great day


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