This week has been an amazing week!  I don’t know why my confidence is soaring so high – but it is! It has been a very successful week in terms of new students, my action poems were released and are selling (that is a major boost for me).  A client messaged me after I helped her with marketing and said ‘your amazing’.  2 friends messaged to say I had inspired them.


Mad – I didn’t set out this week on this journey, in fact my action poems were scheduled for next week to be launched – only because I was faffing getting them triple checked! I don’t think I even started this week on such a high so the only thing I can attribute it too is – a friend who admitted she was scared!  Scared of change, something was saying let go of that, it’s ok – but she was too scared to let go.


So it opened something in me to say what am I scared of?


Why does being scared stop us?


Are you scared in case you fail?  Or of upsetting people? Scared that if you cancel that class that pupil will go elsewhere?  Scared of putting up your prices?  Scared of change? Scared of the unknown?


As adults don’t you find that we often put ourselves in a position where we say – oh I could possibly do that because…..


So, I opened up to what was scaring me and only by acknowledging it, my opinion on it changed.  I thought – why am I letting that stop me?


What is stopping you?

Are you letting 3 children’s mothers opinions stop you from closing a class that doesn’t work and is losing money?


Are you letting – oh but they won’t pay in my area stop you earning a decent wage?  If you are good at what you do and you market your school correctly, then the paying customers will come.


This is your life, your school, your way.


So I challenge you to face up to what is scaring you, figure out why and then face that fear head on!


Trust me when your confidence rises and you start to control your emotions instead of them controlling you then things fall into place beautifully and you will be a happier person for it.


Stand tall, Dance Den folks!  You can do this! I know you can x

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