What is your policy on lateness?

Do you have one?
This is something you need to consider putting in your terms and conditions or your school rules.

Let’s face it, warm ups are one of the most crucial elements of a dance class. It is not only medically important but mentally too.  It prepares the body for what is about to happen in the next hour.

So what if a student misses it? Comes in 10 minutes late.

As a teacher what do you do then?  Do you allow them to warm themselves up and join in later in the class?  An old student could be trusted with that, potentially as long as their mind did not wander!

As a teacher what happens if that child gets injured in your class because they were late?

Then as a dance school owner you will have to deal with the consequences either way, either the consequence of not letting them dance and the potential fury of the mum after.  Or the potential fury of the mum because her child has sustained an injury in your care.  Either way you have to deal with it! Or do you? This is one of those situations where thought in advance can save you trouble later on or as I like to call it the crystal ball.

Either way ultimately it’s the mums fault for being late, but not all will see it that way.

So this is one of those problems where you need to think in advance and pre-empt an issue.  The more of these you can do over time the better.

Think about your thoughts on the lateness issue and whatever you decide add them to the rules or terms and conditions.  Then let people know you have changed the rules/ T&C’s because often people will have only ever read it once! And if that child has been with you for years then they will have forgotten half of what is on there.  So notify people of the addition.

If you have an online T&C then highlight the new section and add on the top of the e-document - new additions are in red and give a date. So people know when it was changed.  Then send an email saying this has been done.

Therefore when that child is late and she sits out and the mum comes at you - you can simply say, it is in my T&C’s which have been made available to you via the notice board, email, website - whatever your form of communication is.  That way she has no grounds.

Your rule, the key to this one though is consistency! This can easily become a ‘well so and so child’s was let in late’.  Don’t put in rules you can’t maintain, mixed messages are not good for business.

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