Do you ever remember playing Chinese whispers in the school yard as kids? That game where 1 person says something and then it gets passed down the line until the last person has to say it out loud.  And the loud brown cow, becomes the laughing Marc now.

There are time is your dance school where you will need to put a dam in front of that ripple.

As humans, some can be prone to gossip.

When your clients gather in an area to wait, conversation will up ultimately start, one thing will lead to another and suddenly the one thing you said in jest to 1 mum becomes a major issue!


The ripple effect

So 2 solutions to this:

1 don’t cause ripples! The clients are not your friends! So treat them as clients! Therefore, you offer less chance of any come back on you. Keep it professional.

2 when the ripples start, stop them and fast!  Approach the parent concerned and squash it.


Remember this is your school – your way – do not allow these customers of you to dictate the atmosphere of your school.

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