We all have this dilemma.


That doesn’t sound like a dilemma right?


beach pictureWhat happens when you shut the doors to your business? Your income will stop too.  Those new enquiries whilst sunning yourself on a beach WILL try the competition down the road who happens to be answering her phone.

BUT I need a holiday and deserve a holiday!

Of course, no problem, with the invention of mobiles and Internet and Wi-Fi you can be accessed 24/7 and never miss out on that important call - right?


A down time is crucial to your sanity, recuperation, recovery and creativity. Without it YOU will face burn out, faster than you think.  Everyone has a fundamental right to switch off! Now for some (I will include myself in this equation) it’s harder than for others.  We like to be busy and know what’s going on, but de-Wi-Fi for 2 weeks, ban yourself from Facebook! Your mind your family will thank you for it.

So what about those inquiries, well they don’t have to be missed or stopped.

Firstly if there is a trusted teacher you can use? You can have your emails forwarded, even the phone calls, give her the access to your Facebook, and automate your posts on Facebook so your marketing continues.  You can even automate your emails to go on schedule so your business runs without you.

What if you don’t have a trusted teacher? Then outsource your emails and so on to a VA, a virtual assistant you can take your calls for you, answer your emails and Facebook messages.  They charge by the hour and you only get billed for what they use.

Do not be a slave to the technology.  Rest is as equally important as work.

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