As dance school owners we often feel we are on our own….
A little bit like a duck! To everyone we are sailing along quite happily but underneath our brains and feet are working overtime!

You see…..

 There are different stages of running a dance school and in THE DEN, we guide you through WHAT you need at which ever stage of the journey you are on.

No one knows what running a dance school is like unless you have run one!  It is hard enough…so make it easy on yourself and JOIN THE DEN! 

What you get:

Thank you so much Sarah for creating The Dance Den which is a wonderful place for dance teachers to join – whether you are just starting out or an experienced teacher with an established school. There is always lots to learn improve and develop.  After reading Sarah’s book “The Dance School Owners Survival Guide” one afternoon in 2 hours, I knew The Dance Den Academy is what I need to continue to grow, develop my business and myself.  I have had many “Wow!” moments from the ‘mind monkeys’ to the ‘shiny shiny thoughts’ to name a few. I only wish I found you years ago Sarah!

Lucy Murphy

Miss Lucy’s Dance and Performance Academy

Have you got concerns?

As a Den Member you get discounts from these fantastic companies, plus recommended products, books, tech companies and people to work with. AND discounts on The Den products, courses and mentoring.

I run a small school in the Midlands, and over the last 3 years with the help of the Den, I have been able to push myself professionally, increase my confidence and streamline my business processes. We have gone from a ‘once a week’ school to a place where students on average attend 3 - 4 classes/week, with a successful youth dance company.

As a direct result of the Den, I have successfully developed a sense of community and continue to work on this with my team and my students. Sarah is great person to know, and I intend to continue being a part of the Den for the foreseeable future. 

Mary O'Brien

Principal of Spotlight Dance @spotlightdanceuk

I’m so glad I met Sarah at The Dance Den. Her knowledge and enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and also other members of The Den, it allows us to ask advice, but also allows us to show what we do well and share with other members. It also allows us to have a moan and be reassured we are doing well along with guiding us onto the right lines.

I couldn’t recommend The Dance Den enough for those wanting to start a their own dance school or similar performing arts class.

Scott Cooper

Failsworth Performing Arts

I believe the DEN has helped me to discover new ideas, explore areas of my field I wouldn’t have thought of before and network with some great people! A real support network that I can rely on!! 

Gemma Hinton

Dance in Motion Academy

Going from employed to self-employed has been a huge learning curve for me. Sarah is so friendly and knowledgeable, I have learnt so much. I have her book, attended the workshop (which was amazing) and the advice has helped guide and support me.

I have made massive changes to the dance school and the numbers continue to grow every month.

My only negative - is that I wish I had found The Dance Den sooner!

Emma Mallam

E-Motion Dance

Here’s a taster of some of the many elements we are covering in The Den

Goal Setting


Dealing with dance mums

Boundaries & Mindset

25 Income Streams

Shows and Events


Money & Break Evens

Ideal Client




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