Today’s blog is ironically about a blog.

Is it worth you setting up a blog for your Dance school?

Is this something that would benefit the school?

Ok so let’s be real first and look at the positives and negatives, but before we do that, be honest! Do you like to write! Because if this is going to become another thing you don’t manage on your to do list because you keep putting it off then don’t start!

The positives out way the negatives, but I don’t have a dance school blog - why because I have enough to do with my two businesses and if I cannot do it justice and give it my full attention then why would I start it!

It does however have massive positives:
It places you as an authority on your subject - so when new clients who know nothing about ballet for example read your posts on, how to tie shoes, improving turn out and so on…. Then they think ” oh she knows what she is talking about” it starts to build trust and the more trust you build the better and more likely they are to buy from you.

You can gain feedback - by asking a question out there, you responses could guide you on whether you start new classes or not.

Likes and shares, if it’s a great blog post and it is shared on social media as well as your website then it is more likely to attract a new audience through social media which you can then in turn drive to your website and hopefully from there convert them to clients.
You can reuse the material in your blogs as posts on Facebook and tweets.


Google loves blogs, because it sees your website as having added new content and it google will always push websites that add new content higher up the rankings than those who don’t.
You need a website you can change easily, not one that you need to keep paying a designer to do.

You need to write!

You need to publish regularly.

It’s a great tool if used right, but it can also be something that drains your time.  So before you start just think hard about what you are trying to achieve form your blog, and think before starting.

Happy writing.

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