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Sarah is awesome. Dance teachers are all very passionate but sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between when the passion is a business and the business is a passion. Sarah’s seminars are realistic and achievable. I’m quite into business strategies anyway. but find that some of them are not suited for the sort of business a dance school is. Sarah helps us find the line where we can share our love for dance with the young generation but at the same time manage it giving us more free time, less stress and therefore in turn happier students which equals a happier life. Elements of Sarah seminar still resonate with me when situations arise and I feel more confident approaching marketing and customer service thanks to her. Sarah isn’t jargon based, her methods are digestible easy even for those who don’t think their computer skills match that of a millennial! I’d highly recommend Sarah and The Dance Den, she gets it, she’s defo part of the #tribe.

Rosina Andrews

Pirouette Surgery Author, Workshop leader, Pioneer

Sarah has spoken at and been featured in:

Rosina Andrews Teachers Workshop

CYD Teachers Convention

Belle Ballerina Online Convention (USA)

Dancing Times Magazine

  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Dance Industry Speaker
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Trainer
  • Seminar leader
  • Facebook recognized community leader

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