With so many options to choose….how do you know you are on the best social media platform?

Here is a short video to help you decide. The transcript is below….

Here are a couple of quick top tips to help you decide which social media platform that you need to be on.  Social media is vast and the options for you to decide which platform you’re going to be huge. So…..

Tip 1:

You need to make sure that you understand what works best for your business. Who are you targeting and where are your customers? Because if your customers are on Facebook and you’re not then maybe you really need to consider being on Facebook.  Dance and theatre school owners, you are going to have a very specific targeted audience.  That’s not necessarily going to be the children. It’s more than likely, particularly with the younger ones going to be the parents. So where do mums and dads hang out?

To figure that out you need to ask and research.  If you’re on Snapchat because you want to be on Snapchat, that’s perfectly fine. I’m not saying jump off of it just because you need to, but if you are thinking about this for business, you need to be where your customers are. So tip number one, make sure that you are where your customers are.


Tip 2:

Do not be on every platform, be very selective; and I mean very selective because ultimately there are so many different platforms that you could potentially be on, but there’s only one of you.

Decide which ones you want to use and do two or three really well. There’s no point being a Jack of all trades when it comes to social media because you will just get overwhelmed by all the different options that are there for you.


Tip 3:

Have a very clear plan.   If you need to get, let’s just say little ones, age three to five, then make sure that all your marketing is targeted towards them and the platform that you are using. If you’re not finding those people on Instagram, then don’t focus on Instagram, focus on Facebook.  But set a clear plan for yourself. I’m really focusing on this class and I am going to push all my energy on all my marketing towards this one class because then you can judge on how you’re doing.


Tip 4:

I often use this analogy. You have a pond and you’re going to drop a stone in. It will cause a couple of ripples. Think of that as your marketing. You put out a post, you will cause a couple of ripples, but if you regularly drop that stone into the pond on a consistent basis, then the ripples will  get bigger and reach further.  So when we’re talking about platforms, don’t be one day all in on Facebook and then one day all in on Snapchat. And then you’re going to jump to Twitter. Consistency is key. Focus and decide which platforms you’re on and go for them.

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