Welcome to How to Set Your Goals

‘I don’t know what to do’

‘I set them and then they just sit there!’

‘Overwhelmed by the thought!’

‘Need help - but I don’t know where to start!’


How to…. Why You need to…. What you have to do….. to really focus your dreams, ambitions and future.  Can you afford not to spend some time on it?

This video recording and 10 x ready made printouts are the start to you really powering on with your dreams.

In this class you will:


  • WHAT is goals setting
  • How to get it all out of your brain so you can focus again
  • The 3 forms of getting crystal clear on what you want


  • Get the 15 questions that are essential to your vision
  • Understand the tools that will help you FOCUS
  • Get clear on WHAT you really want


  • How to….. break it down
  • How to…. not to feel overwhelmed
  • How to…..make it so easy to reach your dreams
  • How to….take the first steps to following your ambition

This is your ULTIMATE guide to getting crystal clear on your goals - HOW to set them without feeling overwhelmed and HOW to use them to take you step by step towards your dreams.

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