Retention is the KEY to your survival and growth


What if you could change that %?


If you want more students in your school - keeping the existing ones IS the easiest, cheapest and BEST way to grow your dance school.

It is  5-10 times harder to get a NEW student than it is to KEEP one!

If you have 10 students and your goals is 20

You lose 5

Which means to now get to your goal of 20 you now need 15 NEW students


If you hang on to your 10  - you are SO much closer to your goal.

It’s like crossing a river - if you always go back a step then crossing that river is going to take twice as long!

It can be so disheartening to come back after a break, excited and ready to go. To find 2 or 3 in a class and you have to build it all back up again.

You put your heart and soul into these students only to find:

  • So and so has gone to netball
  • Her friend quit so now my daughter is too
  • Her swimming lesson has changed
  • She is going to have a break this term

BOOM! Numbers drop and you don’t know why!

Learn the Solutions to creating and maintaining strong student numbers


Join ROCK SOLID RETENTION a 6 week digital download course


The benefits are HUGE! 

  • Your school will grow faster
  • Much better cash flow
  • Motivated & fun studio
  • Teachers and staff on the same page & fired up to help grow your school

Having a group of relatively like minded people, Sarah in particular, to ask questions of and discuss situations with has been the greatest benefit. I’ve also found a lot of the training/advice affirming and reassuring, there are lots of areas of my business that need/ed improving but that I was already on the right track with and I found that a real boost to push further and be more confident in myself and what I deliver.

SO excited for this course....

Week 1 - May 7th

Reflect and Investigate, why are the students leaving? 


 May 16th

Your First LIVE call, results analysis and solutions to plugging those gaps


 Week 2 - May 21st

LIVE Training, retention anchor 1 - Your Rock Solid Customer Service, that doesn’t involve you giving time you don’t have!


Half Term Week 

Catch up week (while I run show rehearsals for my own school) and my favourite challenge that will revolutionise your thought process


Week 3 - June 4th 

LIVE Training, retention anchor 2 – ‘We are Family’ re-ignite your dance community, create raving fans and excite your students


Week 4 - June 11th

LIVE Training, retention anchor 3 – Solving the single biggest problem that will cripple your school


Week 5 - June 18th 

LIVE Training, retention anchor 4 – They are the backbone of your studio and your staff need to be 100% onboard


Week 6 - June 25th

LIVE Training, retention anchor 5 – Progression, planning and passion, your future to your Rock Solid School 


July 23rd - Catch Up LIVE Q and A 


Q - I can’t make 1 of the dates……

A - They are all recorded so you can watch in your own time. in your pyjamas with a glass of wine

Q - I have questions but I can’t make the call……

A - Send them in advance to me and I will answer them live

Q - Its a lot of money…..

A - Over the course of the training, you will have done approx 15 hours of training.  Thats under £20 an hour, less than what you pay your staff to teach a class + only 4 students a week. Invest in the future of your school, you will get your money back through retained students and then some. 

Q - What if I don’t finish……

A - You have lifetime access, BUT, there is a Facebook Group connected to this course where we can all support each other, we will cheerlead you on and help you every step of the way.


Facebook Group for us to communicate and support

Lifetime Access

BONUS – Retention Percentage Video



Supportive and inspirational and I would highly recommend it. Sometimes, you just need to know that you are on the right path and aren’t the only one who is living and breathing an all encompassing hobby or business. Sarah is experienced, knowledgable and offers friendly advice


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