Retention is the KEY to your survival and growth


What if you could change that %?


If you want more students in your school - keeping the existing ones IS the easiest, cheapest and BEST way to grow your dance school.

It is  5-10 times harder to get a NEW student than it is to KEEP one!

If you have 10 students and your goals is 20

You lose 5

Which means to now get to your goal of 20 you now need 15 NEW students


If you hang on to your 10  - you are SO much closer to your goal.

It’s like crossing a river - if you always go back a step then crossing that river is going to take twice as long!

It can be so disheartening to come back after a break, excited and ready to go. To find 2 or 3 in a class and you have to build it all back up again.

You put your heart and soul into these students only to find:

  • So and so has gone to netball
  • Her friend quit so now my daughter is too
  • Her swimming lesson has changed
  • She is going to have a break this term

BOOM! Numbers drop and you don’t know why!

Learn the Solutions to creating and maintaining strong student numbers


Join ROCK SOLID RETENTION a 6 week digital download course


The benefits are HUGE! 

  • Your school will grow faster
  • Much better cash flow
  • Motivated & fun studio
  • Teachers and staff on the same page & fired up to help grow your school

WEEK 1 - Reflect

- Reflect on the patterns in your school and where the gaps are.


- Discover the missing piece of reflection that will solve SO many questions


- Retention v Loyalty v Reputation & why they are crucial to your success


– Back to basics business that gets complete clarity on your retention



Week 2 – Retention Strategies 

- Discover the 6 anchors of retention that are the backbone of your school (Mammoth 2 hour Module that is broken down in 6 chunks!)




Week 3 -Catch up, Consolidate, Chase and Chat

Our first Q & A session of the course to check in on your progress




Week 4 - Customer Service Secrets

– Learn the 1 strategy that could transform your school

– Add more value at no extra cost that will give your customers an unbelievable service

– Learn this customer service gem that will half your workload


Week 5 – Staff

- Educate, train and empower your staff & this is HOW you do it!


- Support in breaking down the training for your staff into bite size chunks.


- Developing the team ethos

Week 6 – Our 2nd Q & A Call

What is included?

4 Training videos & a workbook - 1 a week

A secret Facebook group with me, so we can chat through any problems / questions and support each other

2 x Live Q and A hour call at the end of the month

MP3 recordings so you can listen in at any time - on the move and in your own time

Lifetime access (including any updates!)


BONUS – % Retention Video

BONUS – Top 10 Thank you’s

BONUS – 25 Killer questions you NEED to ask your staff

BONUS – Be a BOSS Video

BONUS – 20 Top Business Retention Tips

BONUS – 20 Top Customer Service Secrets


Drop me an email and I will let you know when it opens again


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