Fed up of......

  • Coming back after holidays to empty classes?

  • Cash flow issues with not enough students?

  • Have you stopped growing and never seem to get past a certain number?

  • Do you madly throw money at Facebook ads to gain students you have lost?Then we need to look at your retention!


Join me Sarah Gittins founder of The Dance Den, Author, Coach and mum of 2 boys.  I also still run my 320 strong, multi venue dance school, that years ago was almost bankrupt!  Flash forward and its a healthy, thriving, community - my dance family that earns me a full time wage in part time hours. 

What you will get....

  • My Number 1 BEST Retention Trick - I rarely share this. It is hands down the best thing I did and I want you to do it too.

  • My 5 Retention Strategies - strong foundations so you can grow your dance school

  • My top 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Students Keep Dancing with you

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Do you dream about always having full classes AND having a queue of students waiting to grab any rare spaces? Then this webinar is for you!


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