So on a road trip with a very good friend to MOVE IT 2015; we stop in the services for a well needed coffee at 7am! Only for her to have a massive OH SHIT MOMENT!!!

So what is an Oh shit moment – it’s that light bulb flash where you brain suddenly kicks in and says ARGH, I haven’t done something really important.

My Oh shit moments include yesterday, when I realised I had moved my show dates, only to realise I hadn’t moved the photographer!  And this photographer is booked up a year in advance!!! Panic!

Or going on holiday and realising on route, I hadn’t paid my tax bill and the deadline was that day!

My friends Oh Shit moment was she hadn’t sent her bid in for a job that had the potential of bringing her in £2000!  Deadline was 10am that day. No lap top, no access to email and 100 miles from home!

Why are Oh Shit moments SO important!

Because in that moment – your clarity and focus are insanely accurate! You know what you have to do, and you have to do it now.  Your brain shuts out all other procrastination and you attention is purely on the task infront of you.  Problem solving at its highest form! And it is amazing what you can achieve in those Oh Shit Moments.

Just imagine what you could achieve if you applied the same clarity and focus on all your to do list!  Procrastination would be a thing of the past.  You would achieve SO much, in such a short time.

Try it – without the Oh Shit! Use the premise of it……try just focusing on 1 task – shut out all others, start it and complete it without dipping into emails, phone calls, Facebook or even a tea break!

You will be amazed what you can achieve!

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