What does your style say about you?

Every teacher has to choreograph at some point, some are much better at it than others, however regardless of the finished dance piece each is identifiable as YOURS!

Sometimes it is hard to see for yourself, often it is another teacher that says – Oh that is defiantly so and so’s! But you have a style all of your own. There are pros and cons to this.

So what are the positives?

Firstly if your style is highly identifiable and excellent! The choreography is outstanding, and dancers are slick well-rehearsed.  Then in performances or competitions people will start to identify with your style, and then this style starts to become a brand! Something they look out for, get inspired by, admire.   Secondly the students become masters at delivering that style look to the examples of dancers who trained with Martha Graham or Merce Cunningham.  They were exemplary at those techniques, but if you had asked them to do street dance it would have been a very different story!   This leads me nicely on to the negatives…

Please refer to the 2nd positive! This is also a negative!  When a dancer becomes ingrained in one style, they become 1 sided.  In this current climate, if a dancer wants to work they need to master ALL styles! Another negative is your creativity as a choreographer; if you become ingrained in the same ‘style’ dances, when do you push YOUR boundaries as a creative person, when do you challenge yourself.

So I challenge all you teacher/choreographers reading this – in your next lesson with a group of students you feel comfortable with, get out there and do some mad arse dancing! Tell them in advance, I am going to try something new, it may not work, but I shall try, and then go for it.  As teachers and choreographers we should never stop learning, pushing boundaries creatively and challenging ourselves, because that is how we stay on top of our game and continue to inspire those around us!

Have fun with your mad arse dancing and let me know how you get on! Don’t be afraid of failing! Because technically it is never failing, it is only learning!

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