Ok, so Eggsensation is a chain in Canada, where basically all they serve is eggs!

NO WAY! Yep, only eggs, and for the record, I don’t like eggs!

Now stay with me, here! Off we went into this restaurant to eat breakfast (remember I don’t like eggs) but there were 12 of us.

Suffice to say, I would return, I had a wonderful meal the experience was amazing!

WHY? And how does this apply to dance?

Ok, so a couple of things to point out: The welcome was great - front desk attractive, great customer service, straight away they catered for the kids (kids happy = parents happy).

It was clean, bright and obviously well cared for. The menu was bonkers! Didn’t quite realise you could do so many things with eggs!

The children’s menu was varied and really kid appropriate, with colouring and pens. They did bowls of coffee! Always a hit with the coffee lovers

They over delivered on their food! Extra fruit, ridiculous choice of jams, coffee top ups, well presented and most importantly tasty!

Overall I’d really enjoyed and yes I would go back and yes I would recommend it.  Got to hand it to this company, I have been converted from someone who was going to hate it to a raving fan!

So how does this apply to dance?

Well firstly think about what I have said above as to what I liked about the restaurant and how does that apply to your dance school?

Put yourself in the shoes of your client, what do they see and experience?

Do they leave their first meeting with you a raving fan or a non-returner?

Is your front desk welcoming, is it clearly marked or is it unclear where they go and peeling paint?

I was blown over by the amount of things you can do with eggs, but it can apply to dance too.

Even if you specialise in 1 style, you can offer options in classes, merchandise, books anything, give variety and options.

Do you over deliver in quality, could you give colouring sheets or stickers?

Or a welcome pack to the new ones?

Give the older ones the responsibility of a buddy to the new ones and give a sticker or a badge for it?

Little touches and thought of details goes a long way. When you put yourself in your clients position and walk through your enrollment process through to arrival - are they getting the best experience at every step?

Because if they are not, then you need to think WHY not and what can I do to change it.

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