How do I…..

How do I get help?

Where do I find….?

What do I ask?

How much do I charge?

Who to hire?

How do you do that?

How do you have time?

How are your classes full? 

Introducing the How do I series…

Created specifically from my experience.

How did I get help in my business without employing someone? Get the How to Outsource.

How did I grow my school to over 340 students with out EVER paying for a Facebook ad??? Get How to free Facebook.

How do I stay on track with 2 businesses and hit my goals? Get How to set your goals.

How is my turn over of inquiries, trials and paying students continually high?  Get How to pack your classes

I am often asked, how do I…… well this is how.  Sarah x


The How to classes follow the A . C . E . System

A = Analyse               C = Content / Calculate               E = Execute

Every HOW TO……. is broken down into 3 bite sized video webinars.

On average each one is 15 - 23 minutes long.

Easy to digest - Not too long on a busy day - perfect for your coffee break!

How to Outsource

Outsource is a just a fancy way of saying ‘get help’

We often need help at certain times of the year.  Show time or exams can get overwhelming and we just need someone to answer the emails. Getting help in your business in the right places with the right people will not only save you money and time it will also grow your business…..

So this is HOW you get that right person, where you look, what you ask, how do get the right agreement, all HERE waiting for you.



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How to Pack your Classes

How do you get that perfect student that stays years, is an advocate for your school, that pays, practices and loves everything you do?

Money is lost in students that pop in and out and marketing that goes to the wrong person. This is HOW you get the right students walking in through your door time and time again.

The clarity of your message

WHO you market to is SO important and this HOW to…will show you how you attract the right students.



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How to Set Your Goals

Goals are the sat nav to your business and without them you can easily loose your way.

How do you plan your goals so they do not overwhelm you?

How do you stay focused week in and week out?

How do you make them, where do you start?

This HOW TO…will show you a number of different ways of you getting clear on what your goals are, then it shows you how to break them down into bite sized chunks.  What it won’t do, is do them for you…that’s all up to you and that’s the exciting bit.



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How to Free Facebook

So we all know Facebook loves to change its algorithms and it’s getting harder and harder to get seen, right? Well not necessarily so…. Even in 2018, I still haven’t paid for a Facebook ad and my last term I had 42 new students.  So it is do-able.  Those quotes and inspiration, this how to shows you how you do them.  Need headers changed or made to look Christmassy… its all here.

This How to…will show you How to Market yourself for FREE on Facebook.



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