Welcome to How to Pack your Classes……

‘I don’t have enough students!’

‘I don’t know why the dance school down the road is full and I am not!’

‘where do I start!’

‘Take the overwhelm out of your marketing!’

How to get clarity on WHO you are marketing too - it is time to stop throwing paint at the wall and hoping it sticks! Without clarity on WHO, then you are marketing to the masses and throwing money down the drain.

This video recording is split into 3 sections so you can work through them in 20 minutes!  Just imagine how 20 minutes can have SUCH a major effect on HOW you run your business! We can ALL spare 20 minutes to help SAVE you 20 hours!!!!

In this class you will:

Analyse - 18 minute section:

  • Understand WHY you need to know WHO you are marketing too
  • Learn the financial implications to getting it wrong! 
  • Figure out WHAT you are known for

Calculate - 21 minute section:

  • Understand the KEY to getting CLEAR on packing your classes
  • Learn the 7 questions that WILL make a MASSIVE change to your marketing
  • Understand WHAT it is your NOT doing

Execute - 24 minute section:

  • Getting TRUE to yourself
  • The 4 steps to truth and clarity in your marketing
  • Take the overwhelm out of marketing
  • The who, why and the what you need to do to pack your classes.

Take the OVERWHELM out of your marketing, you do not appeal to everyone so DON’T try to market to everyone.

Yes please send me my How To Class ONLY £14.99


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