Welcome to How to Outsource……

‘I don’t have enough time!’

‘No-one can do what I do!’

‘Overwhelmed by the admin!’

‘Need help - but I don’t know where to start!’


How to…. Why You need to…. What you have to do….. to give you time back and extra £ on your bottom line.  You have heard the quote ‘you need to spend money to make money’ right?

This video recording and 2 x documents is split into 3 sections so you can work through them in 20 minutes!  Just imagine how 20 minutes can have SUCH a major effect on HOW you run your business! We can ALL spare 20 minutes to help SAVE you 20 hours!!!!

In this class you will:

Analyse - 23 minute section:

  • Understand WHAT is holding you back
  • Learn the 4 BIG reasons as to WHY you haven’t outsourced before
  • Learn the pro’s and con’s of outsourcing
  • Gain the courage to ‘Let it go!’

Calculate - 13 minute section:

  • Get the 53 things you could outsource in your business NOW!
  • Understand & homework WHAT you are willing to let go
  • Understand WHAT is really not earning you anything
  • Understand HOW you can take that step to outsourcing

Execute - 24 minute section:

  • How to….. find an outsourcer
  • How to…. choose an outsourcer
  • How to…..hire an outsourcer
  • What to look for and what to avoid!
  • My 6 Top Tips in finding the RIGHT person - No 3 is crucial!!!!!

This is your ULTIMATE guide to getting help in your business.  Being a martyr and trying to DO IT ALL - will only result in burn out.   So take the first STEP to getting back YOUR time in YOUR business.

Yes please send me my How To Class ONLY £14.99


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