Its a minefield, so this may help.

Transciption below.

The big thing to hear, is that there is no magic pill. I’m sorry guys. There isn’t. Just as you learn how many times you should post on Facebook or how many times you should post on Twitter, the algorithms will all change; then you’re back to the beginning. Now for people like ourselves, dance and theatre school owners were not social media experts.

A social media experts job is to track the algorithms and the changes and how often you should post. With everything else we have to do, we can’t track that. And the more you think about all those elements, the more you’re going to get into overwhelm. And it is extremely easy to get into overwhelm with social media.

Suddenly its, Oh, I’m supposed to be posting three times a day on Facebook and 10 times a day on twitter and 20 times a day on Instagram (I’m just using this as an example, they’re not the exact quantities)  And suddenly its, Oh my gosh, I can’t do this because I’ve got all of this other work to do on that.  Give yourselves a break and give yourself some time just to go, all right, as long as I have a good social media presence, does it matter if I don’t post 20 times on Instagram?

As long as you have a good social media presence and that the work that you’re putting in in social media is actually having really good returns for you, that’s what matters.  If it’s not having really good returns for you, then you either need to tweak what content you’re putting out or when you’re putting it out or even the frequency.  If you’re only doing once a week, then you’re probably not engaging and reaching the right people. You’re going to have to do it a little bit more than that.

So here are a couple of top tips for you as to how to concentrate on how often you post.

Tip 1:

Think about the consistency of what you do rather than how often you do it.   Consistency over frequency.

If you’re only going to post three times a week on social media on your page, then make sure you post three times a week on social media on your page. Don’t post one and then nothing for two weeks. Build that consistency.

Tip 2:

Content quality over content quantity. As of September 2019, the way that social media is right now is that it is all about the content, not the frequency.  So when you’re only posting three times a week consistently make sure that they are good posts.  Maybe a way to interact, answer a question or a way they can get involved, but all posts that they find interesting. You must capture their interest.


Tip 3:

Have a clear objective. What are you trying to gain? What are you trying to achieve by posting on social media? Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand?  Are you trying to get more children into the door? If you are posting for an objective, you can then track how successful you are.  Have you raised awareness? Do more people know about your school and your brand? How have you got more children in through the door?  By understanding your objective you will find it easier to quantify the results.


Tip 4:

It is called social media for a reason. You need to be social, so as much as I say automate and schedule your posts so that you can manage your time, you still need to engage.  So let’s just say for example, you post a question out on social media and you have, and it’s automated.  That question was maybe scheduled beginning of the month, and this is now the end of the month. And the question pops up on your page. You haven’t physically done it. The computer has done it for you, but you get 10 responses and then there’s tumbleweed. You need to make sure that you’re seeing the notifications on what is going on and responding to those questions, you are engaging with your customers. That’s you being social. That’s what Facebook and Instagram likes.

So make sure, even if you are scheduling everything, please make sure that you are being social.


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