So last night I grew a pair!

Last night I was hesitant!

This morning I feel AMAZING!

Now I am not talking about taking the high road – this is my dance          school, my rules line continually, sometimes you do need to look to  yourself and question is this right? Is this for the benefit of the child?

Other times when you know it’s right, and you see a bigger picture that    as a young adult they don’t get – THEN take the high road.

Reason, sometimes explain – based on age anyway, reasoning with a 3yr  old – Hmm like that is going to work! But I am talking teenagers, that amazing rational, level headed, non-hormonal type! Hmmm?

Last night I was almost justifying my decision!!! Then I stopped myself and said it’s my dance school, I know this decision is right and I am not justifying myself to a 17yr old!

So I took the HIGH road.

And you know what she accepted it, no arguments, no nothing – because she got it. She got the fact that I was saying in a nice way – I know what I am doing BUTT OUT!

Today, I walk a little taller, being a self-conscious, ironically under confident woman. Today I walk a little taller for standing up for my self-belief in what I do, and what I do, I do well.

Walk tall guys, walk tall.

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