As my holiday comes to an end I have a little reflection.

Now as much as I am one to preach about boundaries and taking time off from the business, to me writing is not a chore, and Canada is a huge beautiful country!

So on 6 hour journeys travelling from place to place, my iPad has become my work station.

I set myself a goal, I wanted to write a blog a day, so 23 in total, this is no 23. Did I write every day? No, but then some days 3 or 4 blogs would get written.  I love achieving goals I have set, there is a definite sense of completion and achievement.

The blogs on my return will get checked, pictures added and scheduled which means in probably about 6 -8 hours work, I have scheduled pretty much 6 months work. Which means once it is set to automatic, I won’t have to worry about it, in the mean time I will continue to write my blogs, courses and book, with 1 less thing to think about. In 6 months’ time I will reschedule my next 6 months and so on.

Automation is definitely the way forward and programmes such as hoot suite and Facebook page scheduler are easy ways of setting up your social media to run on its own. I am all about preparation and planning because it takes the stress out of things. Less stress is a really good thing in your life!

So get planning and scheduling.

How much difference would it make to YOU to get help with all this goal setting and lets get things off your to do list!

Then download my FREE Ebook - 5 steps to fill your dance classes and lets get the ball rolling!

Step Forward and Make a Difference


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