Are you juggling too many balls?

Do you find yourself firefighting?

Don’t know where to start?

Not enough hours in the day?

Does this all sound familiar?

This is me teaching in my dance school.  It has over 360 pupils, 4 venues and I work 2 days a week on the admin.

NO I do not have a Time Machine!

What I do have is numerous people always asking me ‘How do you do it?’

TIME to learn how - BUT - are you ready to invest?

This is an investment of your time and money will ultimately give you back:

YOUR life

YOUR Sanity

YOUR Control


YOUR Money


Think about this:

If your time is worth £20 an hour, and you save yourself 5 hours a week by doing this course (easily done) then PER WEEK you are gaining £100.  Which is basically almost the cost of this course!

Over the course of a year you could save £5,200!

That’s 260 hours a year!

Almost 1 day a month!

All for an early bird price of £125 (ending midnight Sept 30th) Full price is £165

That’s £20.83 a week (6 weeks) 4 pupils a week in 1 dance class a week or £2.96 a day!



For 4 of the weeks I lead you through a LIVE class where we dig into the frustrations and solutions in your time management. Replays are available.



Technique of the week - you will learn different time management techniques, try them out for a week see which one works for you.  Which one drives you, keeps you focused on your goals, stops procrastination and one that you can use for your future.



Secret Facebook Group - where we can all support each other, stay focused and keep accountable to stay on track.



After every live call and at the end of the course there is a Q&A to make sure you understand everything and can push forward all fired up and eager to go!



There is SO much packed into this course - hands on and results orientated! I am so excited to launch this!!!!

Week 1 - Work Load Analyis

Week 2 - LIVE class.  Thursday - recorded technique of the week

Week 3 - LIVE class.  Thursday - recorded technique of the week

Week 4 - Who are you challenge and catch up week

Week 5 - LIVE class.  Thursday - recorded technique of the week

Week 6 - LIVE class.  Thursday - recorded technique of the week

Follow up Q & A


Don’t get overwhelmed looking at all those weeks, the reason you are looking at a time management course IS because you are struggling to keep all the balls juggling, you are afraid you will drop one!  This course is designed to go STEP-BY-STEP.

In the course we look at:

Your mindset - what causes procrastination.

Outsourcing - how to get help

Planning - How it is the crutch of EVERYTHING and HOW to do it right.

Organisation & Decision making - Are you holding yourself back?

PLUS loads more - this is hands on and I am here to help you get some time back for yourself.


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