The Dance Den’s Passion to Profit Guide

We all come from a place of passion, we want to teach, we want to share our skills.  We want be a catalyst of change to the younger generation.  What are we good at? We are good at teaching.  After all those years of training we can finally share the knowledge.

So we open a few classes:

You open a business, whether it is a few classes or a huge venue, you are now in business.  It’s admin, management, marketing, organisation, creativity, legalities and…and….and….it is so easily and very often overwhelming.  All you really want to do is teach, be creative and make a difference to the young people.

So here is where passion to profit steps in:

With help and better use of your resources you will spend less time on admin.  With clarity of your numbers and who you are marketing too your bottom line WILL benefit greatly.  This gives you time for more opportunities, more time to search for music, prep the classes, create the next masterpiece or even start more classes, which also equates to more money.

With help you will get crystal clear clarity, focus and an understanding of HOW you can earn more money. With help on your marketing, the low number classes will become a thing of the past as more and more children come to your fabulous school.

And it all starts with your FREE instant access 7 steps of Passion to Profit.


What you will gain from Profit to Passion….
  • THE single most crucial thing that will affect your school
  • The 7 things that ALL successful dance schools do
  • Crystal clear on your £
  • Discover the money you are leaving on your doorstep
  • Take the ‘overwhelm’ out of your marketing
  • 7 tasks to get to the root of your business
  • Get your head back in the game!

ADDED BONUS - A Years worth of FREE Principals tips - 1 a week for 52 weeks!

Instant access NOW to the guide that will transform your dance school and give you more time getting creative or being with your students, which ultimately is what we ALL want.


The Dance Den has given me the confidence to progress my business.  The den is so supportive and are always willing to help.  Sarah’s guidance has been amazing and thanks to her support I launched my dance school years before I planned to!

Charlotte Cooper

CDP Dance


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