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Content of the book

The Dance School Owner’s survival guide is the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to set up their own dance, theatre or creative school, or for those who already have their own business in this field but feel they need direction!

Drawing on over 17 years of experience in a highly competitive field author Sarah Gittins BA Hons, PGCMEP has most definitely got the t-shirt in many colours! This guide will arm you with the thought leading knowledge, insight and skill that it takes to run a dance school, including:

  • What to expect before taking the plunge
  • The legalities
  • What genre of school you could open
  • Your budget, break evens and profitability
  • Finding your target customers
  • Marketing
  • Staff
  • Launch day
  • And so much more…

This book is written from an advantageous position of first-hand experience, and Sarah cleverly shares a wealth of strategic information that will save any new business thousands of hours, and in many cases money!

Buy the Survival Guide HERE


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