The 2 most important things in your business are people and finance.  Do you look after both?  Let’s just look at people.

People can be many things:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Caretakers
  • Administration support
  • Dressmakers
  • Accountants

The list of people is endless but crucial!

Let’s just take teachers:

  • Have they been fully checked?
  • Did you source references?
  • Do you know when their DBS is due?
  • Is there a course you can put them on to add to their skills?
  • Do you do in-house training?
  • Do you communicate your schools ethos?
  • Do you give them too much freedom?
  • Do you give them enough freedom?
  • Do you tackle difficult situations head on or do you let it simmer?
  • Are you clear on payments?
  • Do you pay them on time?
  • Do you inspire them?

This is just some of the list that you should consider when dealing with just 1 set of people.  It does boil down to my 3 C’s.




In ALL elements of business.


  • What is coming up
  • Changes to lessons
  • New students starting
  • Things to be aiming for


Don’t by ‘ish’ if there is an issue deal with it, be specific there is no room for ‘ish’ in management of people.  Be specific about goals, targets, dates achievements and be clear in your instructions.


Do it always – not just once; if you start an appraisal, continue with it, schedule it so they know where they are.

These things will only benefit your business after all a dance school as a ‘people’ place so be a really good people person.

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