So - I am an avid reader, podcast and blog digester.

The statement ‘use it or lose it’ has never been more valid in this digital age. Learning is the future, invest in yourself and the pay back is HUGE!
So this Christmas instead of asking for gifts - ask for a book or ask for a subscription (note - THE DEN would be a fantastic one to get)

Use your time over Christmas to invest in you.

3 of my biggest business books that I have loved and learnt SO much are recommended here.

(Note - For transparency these are affiliate links to amazon)

The Disney Way - a fab book about managing people, if you have staff - get this!

Atomic Habits - Ever started the year with good intentions then within days its gone? You need this book, creating good habits is the way forward if you want to be more productive.

The E-myth revisited - I loved this book, you should see how many post it notes I have in it!

So a little self-indulgent but, a good book list for dance and theatre school owners cannot be complete without my book! A step by step guide on your foundations as a dance school owner, even if you run your own school, you can learn from this.

Enjoy and get learning 🙂


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