Tonight was a good night.

In fact tonight was a very good night.

You go through periods when you teach, when you fell lethargic or uninspired, when even getting to the studio feels like a drain.  Then all of a sudden something cheers you up, a nice message from an appreciative parent, a song that inspires you, a little one laughing her socks off!

And within seconds you bounce back and love teaching all over again.

The strains of running a school, particularly time limitations and particularly with a show coming up.  When you get the usual stupid questions from parents who just haven’t read the letter!  It is easy to walk into class carrying the stress with you.  The weight of the unfinished to do list, or the jobs that just got pushed to the side (usually marketing – that has got to change!)

I often think, let me just dance that will always improve my mind, my stress lifts and I am reminded of my love for this amazing art form.  But lately I have been dogged by injuries; most notably my back and I struggle to demonstrate and dance.  Now I am the sort of teacher that dances, gets in there on the floor with them all! Jumping, spinning, choreographing as my body feels the music. But with these injuries I have been limited.

So tonight was a good night.

Even though I couldn’t dance, jump or twist or even get down to the floor very well – never mind attempting getting back up!  Somehow, every class (5 on a Friday) was upbeat, new sequences just came to me, and choreography was flowing (with the aid of my body double! An old student back from Uni)

So tonight was good, I can’t tell you what made the switch from my stress, maybe it was the smiling face and excitable 3 year olds that greeted me at the door.  Maybe it was the hug from my teacher, or maybe it was my shift in mind-set.

I have been working hard on that this week, trying to not let the things that normally get me down, get to me.  Mind-set is fundamental – surround yourself with negativity and the negative is portrayed.  This week I have pushed that to a side and smiled more, allowed myself to believe I can do anything I put my mind too; and you know what it’s a GREAT place to be!

I realised I love to teach, it’s in me; I am passionate about it, the sharing of knowledge of experience of skills of passion.  Whether I dance with the students or not, it’s in me always, and I am so grateful for that gift.

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