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Action Poems #1

A set of 5 fantastically fun Action Poems for little ones that will help with their creativity, expression and movement. A great way to creatively introduce dance steps through imaginative play.  The children have amazing fun and learn without realizing they are doing the steps! As a teacher, it is a ready-made resource - a creative goldmine of movement based adjectives that guide you. You can make it as complicated or basic as you want, there are a whole set of movement based ideas for creative work, street, modern, jazz and ballet; the poems also provide a perfect rhythmical base for tap. Make it more difficult by adding harder steps, change the rhythm, dynamics, levels or just keep it simple and follow the directions given. The digital download set contains: 5 x Action poems

  1. An Alien came calling
  2. The Toy Box
  3. Wiggle Warm Up
  4. Musical styles
  5. At the bottom of the Garden

Suggested Steps in Street, Creative and Ballet Suggested Music BONUS! 3 x Dance Games and Developments

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Lovely testimonial!

I was delighted to read the action poems created by Sarah at The Dance Den. They open a new world of imaginative stories and create ideas that I hope will enthuse both teacher and children alike.

Vanessa Golborn

Owner, School of Dance

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The Dance Den - Action Poems for Children

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