As I sit in the Cairngorms of Scotland, looking out across the loch on a stormy, snowing afternoon in the holidays.  I take a moment as my children are asleep to reflect on my thought process to setting up my own business.  A day earlier I had written the chapter in my book about making the leap from being employed to running your own business.  How I urged them to have courage, do the maths, the research and the planning – how they need to take a leap of faith and not live a life with regrets.

This led me to think, a cursory glance out the window shows me it has stopped snowing, to be replaced by brilliant sunshine. I realise, I am in the same place as my readers.  My new business The Dance Den is in its infancy, and although I still have my dance school (this is my comfort zone) I have yet to truly step out of my safe place and properly launch the dance den.  While it is still in planning and while I still only do a little on line, it’s not really taking that leap of faith, I am still scared to put my head up into the firing line.

So I think back to when I was 24 and setting up my dance school, was I as timid then as I am now?  Was I so scared to life my life in a place of discomfort for fear of failing? For fear of rejection or criticism?

No – I didn’t actual give a monkeys!

The fact was, my dance school had to work!  I had no choice, I certainly wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life temping and working 2 bar jobs! I knew there was much more in me to give.

So although I am that much older and although I am established, ironically I am in the same position, I have no choice, this new business has to work; because now I have a family and mortgage to pay, but also the new business is my future, long past when my continual injuries hinder my teaching.

So here’s to stepping out of comfort zones – together.

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