Hi, it’s Sarah here from the Dance Den and welcome to my vlog. So today I’m talking about the seven secrets of social media reputation. Now there are numerous elements to this topic of managing social media reputation. Suffice to say the subject is huge. Yeah, so there is a whole webinar I could lead you through, the pitfalls and unfortunately the nightmares that could be the internet with the contrast of the ease, accessibility and free publicity that you can get. So today I will look at the seven secret reputation maintaining tricks that you need.

Number one, Now, you need to sign up for this. Basically what happens is that anytime your dance school is mentioned on social media, it will give you an alert. What that means is that you can then go and check and see what someone’s written about you, and if it’s something really positive, you can retweet it or you can share it or you can tag someone and if it’s negative, you know about it so that you were able to deal with that

Number two, another version Google alert. Does the same thing as social media does, social but basically it is pretty much the same thing. So you’ve got two options there.

Number three, Facebook, I have a love hate relationship with facebook and that if someone posts something that damages your reputation, you have to deal with it. So my advice here is basically you need to check on a regular basis who’s liking your page? Who are you friends with? Because if you’ve got someone, somebody maybe who will likes to look at what you do, um, you know, maybe follows what you’re doing. When your competition is, what your show name is, what’s going on and they’re causing you stress, then maybe it’s time that you block that person because you don’t want that negativity around you. You need to remove yourself from things that cause you negativity. You’ve just got to keep on being positive. So to do that, take them away and blocked them out of your social media scene.

Number four. When faced with a negative comment on how you respond, right? Well, ultimately affect your reputation. It’s not necessarily the comment, it’s how you respond, but you must respond. Issue an apology if need be, or an explanation, but respond. Don’t just leave it there. Yes.

Number five. Do not feed the fire. Do not air your dirty laundry on facebook, twitter, or anything else. If you post had a crap time teaching tonight and you are friends with parents, they will read it right? And they’re going to think, hang on, my daughter was in class tonight. What’s that all about? Your reputation is questioned. Do not feed that. Yeah. Keep facebook professional. End of.

Number six. Monitor scheduled posts. So this is quite important. You know, if there’s a crisis going on, if there is a problem, if there’s an argument on post, if, if something really stressful is going on, particularly on social media and you’ve got scheduled posts going out and suddenly a cute cat with a funny little message arrives. Yeah, it would be potentially completely inappropriate and insincere. So postpone schedule posts if necessary whilst there is an issue going on and then reschedule them at a later date.

Number seven, the last one. Think three times. Review twice. Post once. three two one. One supposed is out, there is out there. You cannot take it away. Yeah. Think carefully. Anyone can screenshot or post even if it is removed at a later date, so think three two one review, think, review, and then post think review post yes and really protect your reputation. You have built it for such a long period. Please don’t destroy it by being, by not thinking before you post on social media. So those are my seven secrets to social media reputation. If you like what you see and then don’t forget, I have my free Ebook, passion to profit. Go onto my website and download it and I hope to see you soon. Take care. Bye Bye.

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