Do they really need the uniform?

Sorry I have forgotten my fees!

She went to a party – instead of the last exam rehearsal!

Attitude from the teenagers!

Commitment and dedication at an all-time low!

How much for costumes?

So and so quit and didn’t tell you!




You need more students to break even!

Flyers need to go out

Website needs updating

Accountant wants up to date books

Insurance needs to be re-newed

Council change their hiring plans and want a meeting

Pay the bills

Recruit teachers

Deal with enquiries on email, phone x 2, Facebook, social media, messages ……

Phone calls from bloody PPI people!!!!!


The list is endless….

Did no-one tell you when you trained to be a teacher/dancer that if you owned your own studio you would also need to have a ridiculous amount of ‘other’ skills too….You can learn business, marketing, budget, cash flows and so on, the dance den can and WILL help you.  Rome wasn’t made in a day – so don’t stress, take it one step at a time.

From me to you after 18 successful years – YOU CAN DO THIS! And what you can’t – outsource! Get help – ask me of the fellow dance principals in the dance den – join our community - You don’t have to do this alone!

Check out The Dance Den Academy

The prices are going up at the end of June 2017!  So jump in now and I will hold the old price!


For more top tips, advice, mentoring and coaching, check out the Dance Den






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