The little hummingbird

Reading a wonderful story to my children, based on a tale from the native first people of Canada. We bought the book at the museum for the stunning art work that accompanied it, rather than the story.  As with many a fable as we call them the story has a moral, and as I sit later on the balcony, I ponder the moral and realise more and more that it is very poignant in business.  But then surely most morals should be fundamental in business?

The truth be told, I truly wish that morals were important to some in business, unfortunately that is often not the case. However, rather than dwell on the unscrupulous people of this world, they are not worth my time.  I shall focus on the good ones.

The ones where morals and honesty is paramount to them and their business.  Those are the ones to me who are truest to themselves. Now that does not mean that you are walked over, far from it, but it does mean that you are true to your word.

These are the people whose passion and love for their dance school is obvious, but passion at times is not the only thing you need.  Having a good business head, being moral and honest all go hand in hand.  But you must be true to yourself and understand what you expect of your school and what you want to get out of it.

There are times as the story in the book dictated - there are times when the fire will rage, but the little hummingbird continues to put water on the fire when all others fled.  When asked why the hummingbird continued to drop small droplets of water on a raging fire.  The response was ” I am doing all I can do”

There are time in business when all you can do, is ” all you can do” and you know that is more than enough.

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