Being tired can have a massive effect on you.

Getting the right amount of sleep, hydration, eating right, looking after ourselves.


How many of us teachers actually warm up before teaching a class?

How many of us have a break between a large number of classes?

How many of us actually stop and eat between the hours of 4 and 9.30?


I would quite easily say maybe 20% if that!


It is so easy to neglect ourselves, as a mum, I find it even harder!  Warm up before class – no chance, I just make it after the school run! Break between classes – NO cause then I would have to pay the hall for me to have a break! Eat between those hours – NO, because if I am not teaching I am dealing with parents.


You can help yourself in other ways though.


When you do get home, put those boundaries in place; turn off the electronic devices, especially the phone.  Relax and get to bed!  It is a well-known fact that sleep helps you function better!


Water – plenty of it!  The body cannot survive on caffeine alone!


Tiredness – listen to your body! You know it so well (cue song!) Your livelihood relies on your good health. So help it!


Get regular treatment, prevention is better than cure.  A regular bi-monthly massage would help the longativity of your teaching career.


So please – take it from someone who has taken her body for granted and now is paying the price!  Listen to it!!!!


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