So I return to the question of signage….

I would hate to think that this is becoming a bit of a bug bear of mine.  If you missed my last blog on it, you can read it here

Signs for your studio inside and out are SO important!

Yet again whilst on holiday in Canada, I see a sign that is quite difficult to read, it was on a display post for an out of town shopping area where the studio was. Then underneath, another sign,  obviously paid for extra stand alone advertising. Ok so this sign stood out, it was colourful it was obvious it was dance. All good from that angle, although this one had too much writing on it, they were forgiven because the call to action was clear.

A call to action is something you give to your readers to make sure they do something with the information they have just looked at or received.  It has to be clear or people will forget about it or say I will deal with that later, but later never comes!

So signage wise about 70 out of 100 ish! Next problem, I looked for the studio! Now in Canada / America they tend to be in shopping areas or as we Brits call them out of town shopping areas.  In a small unit with maybe a food shop or a hair dressers next to them.

This dance studio was no different, except after the 2 types of signage out front in the carpark, the actual studio was nowhere to be found.  Now I knew it was there because the sign said so, but where?  This studio had zero signs directing people to the actual front of the building itself! After walking around the block, I left the area STILL not knowing actually where the studio was. That’s mad!  When your customer is new and unsure where they are going or what the procedure is, little things like stressing over getting in the building might make them late or worse not even bother coming in.  If getting to your studio is not easy, or has codes to get in MAKE sure your new customers know this.

Make it easy for people to find you, in this day and age customer convenience is crucial!

Get your signage right!

Rant over!

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