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For 16 years, I have run a highly successful dance school in an extremely competitive area.

People always said ‘Sarah is an excellent business woman and thinks out of the box’ but  I never truly believed it until I started mentoring and helping others, sometimes it takes an objective view – but that view needs to be informed, experienced and knowledgeable.

“I loved my mentoring session with Sarah, I came out so inspired and enthused, thank you so much” Sam Partner 18

Now it’s time to help you…

I believe passionately that although we ALL do what we love and probably would do it for free, we shouldn’t! We should be valued, appreciated, treated like other business owners and not just be the ‘local’ dance school. If you want a hobby, fine….. maybe The Dance Den is not for you, because I am here to help you run a business, which means making some plans, driving the school forward, creating students that sell your school for you, not only through their technique but their enthusiasm for your school!  Earn a good living, doing what you love, with time for yourself, your kids and your creativity to grow. So it’s time to transform your mind set, dance school and bank balance and let’s get this business working for you!

Coaching by Sarah at The Dance Den

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Client Feedback

Your advice has been really helpful. It’s transformed how I work and helped me take control of my finances and business. I feel much less guilty about decisions I make.  So thank you for that!!
Kim Ritchie

Center Stage School of Dance


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