There are many stresses that build in the lead up to a show and each rehearsal seems to add more to the to do list!  The scarcity of that perfect rehearsal – but then everyone’s perspective of perfection is different.


However, the frustration of the:

My daughter can’t make it she has a party!

We booked a holiday now so can’t do the show!

Where is the show?

Times and Dates even though they have been given numerous times!

I forgot!


Why is it everyone doesn’t think it as important as me? Yet if I give a crappy show, they will go elsewhere – so WHY not commit – end of!!!!


Because – the age old saying – nobody cares as much as you!


Everyone has so much going on in their life that the show is NOT their priority.


So how do you get around it?  Let’s think of a solution!  And I am afraid to say – there is no golden nugget on this one.


18 years of shows have taught me a few things and year in, year out I still have the same problems as you all.


My top tips are:


  1. Communication! Big style! Repeat letters, send reminder emails, condense lots of information into smaller reminder emails/letters. Speak, post about it and generally keep communicating.


  1. Deposits and confirmation know who is doing it and get answers and deposits.


  1. Deadlines – and stick to them!


  1. Preparation, the more prepared you are the easier it is to deal with the emergencies!


  1. Organisation, what can you do months in advance? What can you do weeks in advance – anything that you can help yourself with to take the stress out of show week. Do it!


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