Fancy meeting up in LONDON? I am going to MOVE IT, so pop over and say Hi! And if you feel a bit shy, then here is a conversation starter for you…….

Arms forward or back

Ok so this question, if not debate came up in class as to what the students class as forward and what I class as forward. It’s the same basic debate we also had over inward and outward turns.

So the dilemma is:

When your arms start from hip level move towards your face, is that forwards or backwards? I say forwards, as the start of the movement in my eyes dictates the trajectory.

But from arms in jazz 5th, above head travelling towards your bum, is that backwards or forwards? I say backwards - oh the Debate that followed!

So question to all you dance teachers out there, what is backwards and forwards in your eyes, and is that same view shared by your students.

And is that the only view that you and your students differ in?

Communication is key – not only in what you do as a dance school owner – but also as a teacher. Communication is SO important, it should really be up there with Marketing.

So forward or back???

For me – it is unresolved! Some of my students think 1 way, I think another – we shall agree to disagree!

So, if you fancy carrying on this conversation, or better still, let’s start a new one about business. Then I am going to be at MOVE IT in London this March, come and see me on the Rock the Dragon Stand 626. I would love to meet more of you in person!

See you in London!


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