In Toronto they were setting up huge chess boards and the games began.

Your move.

Their move

And so on….

It’s a little bit like dance schools and the nearest competition.

One eye in the competition - what are they doing? What’s their next step? Or are they the ones at follow you?

You open a stretching class – they open a stretching class.
You do a themed show – 1 year later they do a themed show
Or maybe it’s the other way round? Sometimes this is coincidence, sometimes it is not!

But STOP! Seriously every minute you spend wondering what your nearest competitor is doing the less time you spend on your own business! And suffice to say they won’t be worried about you, so don’t stress about them!

Get focused on your own crap! Stay true to yourself and your vision! They are not the same as you and even if they try to make their vision the same it will NEVER be the same, because they are not YOU.

If you are unsure as to where you are going and you think you need to look to others then you can do these things to stay focused.

1 – Take some time out to look at your own goals and if you are heading in the right direction.
When you set these goals (however many months ago) you had a clear vision and destination, maybe these have gone off course and a re-visit to these can often spark an idea.

2 – If you are completely lost, then look to a different type of business. What is a shop doing to attract new visitors? What is happening in the music scene that you can use as an influence?

3 – Who is your ideal customer? Because your ideal student and parent will NEVER be the same as theirs. Even if you both teach street dance, how you run your school and YOU as an owner will always be different to the other person – so believe in what you are doing and get your ideal customer nailed, that way you demonstrate in every form of marketing HOW different you are to them.

So get your head down onto your own stuff!

If you are struggling to see things clearly then why not check out the HOW to set your goals.  Its an hour class and is packed full of information to guide you into clarity, plus it comes with 10 pretty printables to help you.


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