10 Biggest Blunders that Dance School Owners make and HOW to prevent them happening to you!

In this series of 3 FREE videos I look at the 10 BIGGEST Blunders that Dance School Owners make and HOW to prevent them happening to you. We can get SO wrapped up working in the dance school, dealing with SO many different jobs, administration, organisation and the daily to-do list.  That it is really easy to stop working ON the dance school BUT working ON it, taking time to grow, develop and invest in your dance school IS crucial to its success and growth.

Each video is 20 minutes long – so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. Based on years of working with dance school owners and a few of the blunders I have made myself.  Have a watch and see if you are making any of these or if you can learn to stop doing some of these or even confirm that you know what – ‘I am on the right track’.

Grab your videos and enjoy!

The Dance Den’s 5 Steps to Fill Your Dance Classes!

We are technicians, we spend years on perfecting technique, then many more years on perfecting ‘how’ to teach it.  The business of dance is secondary!   The ‘how’ to market, ‘how’ to get more students in the door, ‘how’ to put on a show, ‘how’ to budget, ‘how’ to manage staff. There may be many gaps in your business knowledge, those gaps could be costing you thousands!  They may even be the difference between making the transition between a hobby dance school, to one that is your full-time job! Remember, if you are always doing more of the wrong stuff, then you will never move forward, something has to change for CHANGE to happen. That change is YOU!  It is time to focus on YOU and your skills as a business person.

What you will gain from the 5 Steps to Fill Your Dance Classes…

  • THE single most crucial thing that will affect your school
  • The 5 things that ALL successful dance schools do
  • Crystal clear on your £
  • Discover the money you are leaving on your doorstep
  • Take the ‘overwhelm’ out of your marketing
  • 5 tasks to get to the root of your business
  • Get your head back in the game!

ADDED BONUS – A Years worth of FREE Principals tips – 1 a week for 52 weeks!

Download it NOW and spend some time working on your business

I love these emails!

I Russell

The Little Black eBook of Costume Suppliers

Why this eBook? There are so many amazing suppliers out there, the unsung heroes of the sewing machine, their craft is beautiful, inspired and most definitely needed by us dance school owners. This is an evergreen product so as information is changed or updated or new products found a new version of the eBook will be sent direct to you.


  • I will be sending my top 5 tips to chaos free costume ordering with a link to the full article with ALL 15 tips.
  • Following that is my guide to pricing your costumes and the HIDDEN costs.

What you will gain from The Little Black eBook

  • A FULL page on where you can purchase costumes
  • A separate street dance section
  • A Hire/Preloved section
  • Dressmakers list
  • Stones and embellishments
  • Wholesale Fancy Dress Suppliers
  • International Suppliers
  • Wholesale clothing suppliers

PLUS – the book is EVERGREEN – so as long as you have subscribed as new suppliers are added you will always get the latest updated version.

I have gained new customers through this eBook, thank you – Ess

Axznt Clothing


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