4 Incredible days, across the country.

Sarah Gittins

Sarah Gittins

Author, public speaker, mentor and owner of The Dance Den is excited to be bringing the Dance School Owners Conventions LIVE across the country.


Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

In every venue a guest speaker and expert in their field will come and join us.

What Sarah will cover:

In the first session we will go into legalities, have you got it all covered?  Everyone always thinks “It will never happen to me” UNTIL it happens to YOU!  So I am a firm believer in covering your ass!

So in this session will be go through your T’s&C’s what needs to be covered, what’s new, what are you missing or what needs to be reinforced.  Bring your laptops, changes will be made LIVE and you have a ready made document to go home with.

Probably the BIGGEST thing I get asked about!  This is not just money but numbers too!  Don’t worry I won’t get too much like an accountant! But you will be looking at your figures at in detail and I anticipate there will be a few AH HA moments!

Laptops at the ready and you will need to do a little bit of preparation before the day, but after you will have a full system of understanding, working out and recording your numbers!

Planning!  This helps retention, organisation, administration, time management - in fact it pretty much helps EVERYTHING!

I will be showing you HOW to plan anything that you could want to plan, how to break it down so that it does not overwhelm you.  This session could well change the way you run you business! Boom! (drop mic!)

I met Sarah on a course today and was blown away by her. She’s so approachable, so passionate and her knowledge was truly inspiring. I’m excited to put into practice everything I learnt from her and see the results. Her workshop was excellent. I’d highly recommend anyone to attend.

Vickie Goodwin

The Cheshire Theatre School and Workshop

Sarah is so enthusiastic and her knowledge of the business of dance is incredible. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to set up their own club relating to the arts. I would go again on her dance convention just for the laughs and social element, but also the refresher too.

Scott Cooper

Failsworth Performing Arts





An amazing day….totally inspired by all the speakers, who shared their knowledge and expertise so openly.  I feel so motivated to continue my journey to grow a successful school.

Karen Thompson

Karen Dempsey School of Dance

The Dance Den is helping me so much with my business and yesterdays Convention was the best £80 I’ve spent!!!!

Rhonwen McCormick

Excellent Day - thank you  Sarah & the guests for providing so much info at the 1st Dance Den Convention.  It was wonderful to network with the studio owners and share good practice and feel less isolated.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Emma Mallam

Motion control Dance

Really informative….a great value, lovely friendly intimate atmosphere.  So happy I decided to come - lots to get cracking on now - can’t wait to implement lots of tools learnt.

Ava Dansci


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