An interesting conversation tonight.

And a conundrum of a question brought about by our Canadian hosts, a fellow teacher.

If we are taught by the past, yet are taught by the past in the present where lies our future?

We were taught in the past, and continue to teach the past in the present, yet the pupils will live in the future.  Therefore are we always living through the past? The technology that is around today was not available in our past, therefore we are bound to teach the past or the future?

Dance as a skill is passed on, taught by the teachers who learnt from the teachers before them.  But our future dancers - what is their future?

Yes they need the basic skill, but technology moves at such a pace, medicine continues to strive forward in the preparation and rehabilitation of our dancers. If we stick to the old are we truly preparing our youngsters for the new?

My Canadian hosts gave a great answer - all we can do prepare them with the skills to be flexible and adapt, only then can they truly be prepared for what lies ahead!

Deep for a Friday night and a glass of red!


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