Do they really need the uniform?

Sorry I have forgotten my fees!

She went to a party – instead of the last exam rehearsal!

Attitude from the teenagers!

Commitment and dedication at an all-time low!

How much for costumes?

So and so quit and didn’t tell you!




You need more students to break even!

Flyers need to go out

Website needs updating

Accountant wants up to date books

Insurance needs to be re-newed

Council change their hiring plans and want a meeting

Pay the bills

Recruit teachers

Deal with enquiries on email, phone x 2, Facebook, social media, messages ……

Phone calls from bloody PPI people!!!!!


The list is endless….

Did no-one tell you when you trained to be a teacher/dancer that if you owned your own studio you would also need to have a ridiculous amount of ‘other’ skills too….You can learn business, marketing, budget, cash flows and so on, the dance den can and WILL help you.  Rome wasn’t made in a day – so don’t stress, take it one step at a time.

From me to you after 18 successful years – YOU CAN DO THIS! And what you can’t – outsource! Get help – ask me of the fellow dance principals in the dance den – join our community - You don’t have to do this alone!

Check out The Dance Den Academy

The prices are going up at the end of June 2017!  So jump in now and I will hold the old price!


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Business and Finance

Business and Finance

The 2 most important things in your business are people and finance.  Do you look after both?  Let’s just look at people.

People can be many things:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Caretakers
  • Administration support
  • Dressmakers
  • Accountants

The list of people is endless but crucial!

Let’s just take teachers:

  • Have they been fully checked?
  • Did you source references?
  • Do you know when their DBS is due?
  • Is there a course you can put them on to add to their skills?
  • Do you do in-house training?
  • Do you communicate your schools ethos?
  • Do you give them too much freedom?
  • Do you give them enough freedom?
  • Do you tackle difficult situations head on or do you let it simmer?
  • Are you clear on payments?
  • Do you pay them on time?
  • Do you inspire them?

This is just some of the list that you should consider when dealing with just 1 set of people.  It does boil down to my 3 C’s.




In ALL elements of business.


  • What is coming up
  • Changes to lessons
  • New students starting
  • Things to be aiming for


Don’t by ‘ish’ if there is an issue deal with it, be specific there is no room for ‘ish’ in management of people.  Be specific about goals, targets, dates achievements and be clear in your instructions.


Do it always – not just once; if you start an appraisal, continue with it, schedule it so they know where they are.

These things will only benefit your business after all a dance school as a ‘people’ place so be a really good people person.

I am covering the foundation basics in the UK’s first convention dedicated to the business of dance.  So if its your terms and conditions you are struggling with, or understanding your break-even point or even learning how you can run your business better, then check out the convention – it is only on early bird discount until March 31st 2017.

For more top tips, advice, mentoring and coaching, check out the Dance Den






Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

In Toronto they were setting up huge chess boards and the games began.

Your move.

Their move

And so on….

It’s a little bit like dance schools and the nearest competition.

One eye in the competition - what are they doing? What’s their next step? Or are they the ones at follow you?

You open a stretching class – they open a stretching class.
You do a themed show – 1 year later they do a themed show
Or maybe it’s the other way round? Sometimes this is coincidence, sometimes it is not!

But STOP! Seriously every minute you spend wondering what your nearest competitor is doing the less time you spend on your own business! And suffice to say they won’t be worried about you, so don’t stress about them!

Get focused on your own crap! Stay true to yourself and your vision! They are not the same as you and even if they try to make their vision the same it will NEVER be the same, because they are not YOU.

If you are unsure as to where you are going and you think you need to look to others then you can do these things to stay focused.

1 – Take some time out to look at your own goals and if you are heading in the right direction.
When you set these goals (however many months ago) you had a clear vision and destination, maybe these have gone off course and a re-visit to these can often spark an idea.

2 – If you are completely lost, then look to a different type of business. What is a shop doing to attract new visitors? What is happening in the music scene that you can use as an influence?

3 – Who is your ideal customer? Because your ideal student and parent will NEVER be the same as theirs. Even if you both teach street dance, how you run your school and YOU as an owner will always be different to the other person – so believe in what you are doing and get your ideal customer nailed, that way you demonstrate in every form of marketing HOW different you are to them.

So get your head down onto your own stuff!

If you are struggling to see things clearly then why not check out the HOW to set your goals.  Its an hour class and is packed full of information to guide you into clarity, plus it comes with 10 pretty printables to help you.

Profit is a BAD word!

Profit is a BAD word!

When did profit become a bad word?

In writing my new class on money for the members I found myself questioning why dance school owners are afraid of profit.  With sayings such as “I do it for the kids” ” I do it for the love” but you know you CAN do it for those reasons and STILL make a decent living. Being a martyr to the cause will help no-one if you cannot but food on the table in your own house. I was once told many years ago - you will never make money in dance. And I always loved the notion that I would prove at person wrong.


In many aspects they are right.

As professional dancers we worked for free to ‘gain experience’ because ultimately you can’t work without experience.  As assistant teachers many of us worked for free to gain extra knowledge and skills from the teachers. As dance school owners, we put in numerous hours for free ‘for the love of it’

Imagine for a minute a lawyer putting in extra hours for free, the lawyer may love their job, but they will NOT work for free.  Or a council worker, loving their job, but not putting in over what they are paid.  Yet continually as dance school owners if we actually charged for all we do, then prices would be bonkers!

However, and this is a big however, we should be paid for what we do! So how can we change the mental shift from one of being the underdog to the valued business owner.

First it takes a shift in mind, from worrying what people will think if you put up your prices! The customer and their opinions on the price of things should not dictate your perception of what you value yourself at.

If your minimum price for teaching a class for someone else is £25, then that is the price you pay yourself in your business and if the maths is not adding up, then you need to figure out why its not adding up.

‘ I couldn’t possibly charge more, they won’t like it’ who is ‘they’ your customers? What would your customers say if you went out of business because you couldn’t pay your rent or your staff,? What would they say if they knew you were working for free? Some would say- oh there we are then, others, more fool her, others would say oh that’s wrong.  And when you do put up your prices if they don’t like it or understand why you need to do it, then they did not value you or your school.

You need to get your numbers right, and start valuing your school correctly.
Dance classes are often classed as community ventures or not for profit (some are) but mostly they are a business.

So why not join me in THE DEN where we talk money, mindset, profit, marketing and so much more! Take a step in the right direction to push your business to the next level. You can join the DEN here for as little as £10 a month.

The Den

Or you can download a FREE e-book.

It’s all about the EGGS!!!

It’s all about the EGGS!!!



Ok, so Eggsensation is a chain in Canada, where basically all they serve is eggs!


Yep, only eggs, and for the record, I don’t like eggs!

Now stay with me, here!

Off we went into this restaurant to eat breakfast (remember I don’t like eggs) but there were 12 of us. Suffice to say, I would return, I had a wonderful meal the experience was amazing!


And how does this apply to dance.

Ok, so a couple of things to point out:

The welcome was great - front desk attractive, great customer service, straight away they catered for the kids (kids happy = parents happy)

It was clean, bright and obviously well cared for.

The menu was bonkers! Didn’t quite realise you could do so many things with eggs! The children’s menu was varied and really kid appropriate, with colouring and pens.

They did bowls of coffee! Always a hit with the coffee lovers

They over delivered on their food! Extra fruit, ridiculous choice of jams, coffee top ups, well presented and most importantly tasty!

Overall I’d really enjoyed and yes I would go back and yes I would recommend it.  Got to hand it to this company I have been converted from someone who was going to hate it to a raving fan!

So how does this apply to dance?

Well firstly think about what I have said above as to what I liked about the restaurant and how does that apply to your dance school? Put yourself in the shoes of your client, what do they see and experience? Do they leave their first meeting with you a raving fan or a non-returner?

Is your front desk welcoming, is it clearly marked or is it unclear where they go and peeling paint?

I was blown over by the amount of things you can do with eggs, but it can apply to dance too.  Even if you specialise in 1 style, you can offer options in classes, merchandise, books anything, give variety and options.

Do you over deliver in quality, could you give colouring sheets or stickers? Or a welcome pack to the new ones? Give the older ones the responsibility of a buddy to the new ones and give a sticker or a badge for it? Little touches and thought of details goes a long way.

When you put yourself in your clients position and walk through your enrollment process through to arrival - are they getting the best experience at every step? Because if they are not, then you need to think WHY not and what can I do to change it.

So why not join me in THE DEN where we talk money, mindset, profit, marketing and so much more! Take a step in the right direction to push your business to the next level. Start by downloading you FREE e-book.


For more top tips, advice, mentoring and coaching, check out the Dance Den





Dance School Owner???? Check this out!!!!

Dance School Owner???? Check this out!!!!

You are also a…..



Marketing manager






IT specialist


Events organiser



Marketing consultant


Business Manager

Health and safety executive



Stage manager

Hall Manager

Costume designer


Video Editor

Social media consultant

Prop maker

Role Model

Set designer

Human Resource manager

Fire Safety officer


Shop owner

Childminder (feels like at times)

and a bloody taxi driver!!!!


So next time someone says – Oh you run a little dance school – how nice!!!

Tell them to shove it!!!!

So why not join me in THE DEN where we talk money, mindset, profit, marketing and so much more! Take a step in the right direction to push your business to the next level. Start by downloading you FREE e-book.


For more top tips, advice, mentoring and coaching, check out the Dance Den





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