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Costumes can be the biggest bug bear and stressful nightmare of any show!  The list of things that could go wrong, just absolutely does not bear thinking about.  It is unfortunately fairly standard that somehow with every show, no matter how experienced, organised or...

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The Ripple effect – and how to stop it.

Do you ever remember playing Chinese whispers in the school yard as kids? That game where 1 person says something and then it gets passed down the line until the last person has to say it out loud.  And the loud brown cow, becomes the laughing Marc now. There are time...

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The dilemma of a break or even a holiday!

What happens when you shut the doors to your business? Your income will stop too. Those new enquiries whilst sunning yourself on a beach WILL try the competition down the road who happens to be answering her phone.

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Those moments when we all feel its too much

Tonight was a good night. In fact tonight was a very good night. You go through periods when you teach, when you fell lethargic or uninspired, when even getting to the studio feels like a drain.  Then all of a sudden something cheers you up, a nice message from an...

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You don’t have to do it alone!

Did no-one tell you when you trained to be a teacher/dancer that if you owned your own studio you would also need to have a ridiculous amount of ‘other’ skills too….You can learn business, marketing, budget, cash flows and so on, the dance den can and WILL help you. Rome wasn’t made in a day – so don’t stress, take it one step at a time.

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What’s your policy on lateness?

What is your policy on lateness? Do you have one? This is something you need to consider putting in your terms and conditions or your school rules. Let's face it, warm ups are one of the most crucial elements of a dance class. It is not only medically important but...

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Tips to using Stock Photos

Using stock photography Argh!  -  lost you? Don't worry all will be explained! Stock photography is a name they give to a library of photos that people have taken and place within an agency or stock photography to be sold on and used. Bonus of this is that you have...

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Why your confidence matters!

This week has been an amazing week!  I don’t know why my confidence is soaring so high – but it is! It has been a very successful week in terms of new students, my action poems were released and are selling (that is a major boost for me).  A client messaged me after I...

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Oh my Days – This book is AMAZING!!!!

I love reading a new book and when you get to the end it resonates with you so loudly that it actually changes the way you spend the rest of your life and in fact takes you a step further forward towards the future life. Today I did just that. Now I am not one to read...

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Signage = Confused????

A blog written in Canada Its funny how when away and detached from the dance school that you notice signs more. Today whilst in Canada and driving through a local town I noticed a local performing arts academy. Not going to name it or where in Canada but suffice to...

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Why your priorities are wrong!

The business of dance needs to be your top priority! You know being a dance school owner is a manic job and then you may be one of the many who hold down a full time job and run a dance school!  So thinking about all this business stuff is going to be maybe something...

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Positive Mindset

Mind-set, there is so much that could and should be said, but I am going to keep it simple. Negativity – breeds negativity. Positivity - breeds positivity. Ok this may get a bit hippy dippy for some, but bear with me! I believe very strongly that you reap what you...

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7 Secrets to Social Media Reputation

There are numerous elements to the topic of managing you social media reputation – suffice to say this subject is: HUGE!!!! So there is a whole webinar on social media that I could lead you through – the pitfalls and nightmare that can be the internet, with the...

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What you should be doing on Facebook!

Ok – so my love hate relationship with Facebook is no secret.  I think it is a place where dirty laundry is too often hung out to dry with words that people do not have the guts to say to people’s faces! My philosophy and upbringing has always been treat people how...

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A moment of Reflection

As I sit in the Cairngorms of Scotland, looking out across the loch on a stormy, snowing afternoon in the holidays.  I take a moment as my children are asleep to reflect on my thought process to setting up my own business.  A day earlier I had written the chapter in...

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