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Being tired can have a massive effect on you. Getting the right amount of sleep, hydration, eating right, looking after ourselves.   How many of us teachers actually warm up before teaching a class? How many of us have a break between a large number of classes? How...

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Show time stress, stress and MORE STRESS!!

There are many stresses that build in the lead up to a show and each rehearsal seems to add more to the to do list!  The scarcity of that perfect rehearsal – but then everyone’s perspective of perfection is different.   However, the frustration of the: My daughter...

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Do they really need the uniform? Sorry I have forgotten my fees! She went to a party – instead of the last exam rehearsal! Attitude from the teenagers! Commitment and dedication at an all-time low! How much for costumes? So and so quit and didn’t tell you!   Then…….  ...

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Conundrum of a Question

An interesting conversation tonight. And a conundrum of a question brought about by our Canadian hosts, a fellow teacher. If we are taught by the past, yet are taught by the past in the present where lies our future? We were taught in the past, and continue to teach...

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Business and Finance

The 2 most important things in your business are people and finance.  Do you look after both?  Let’s just look at people. People can be many things: Parents Children Teachers Caretakers Administration support Dressmakers Accountants The list of people is endless but...

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Let the Games Begin

In Toronto they were setting up huge chess boards and the games began. Your move. Their move And so on.... It's a little bit like dance schools and the nearest competition. One eye in the competition - what are they doing? What's their next step? Or are they the ones...

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Profit is a BAD word!

You need to get your numbers right, and start valuing your school correctly.
Dance classes are often classed as community ventures or not for profit, but ultimately they are a business.

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I am asking you to be selfish

Today’s hard question is – is it time to let it go? What ever ‘it’ may be. Is there a section of your business that is more stress than it’s worth? Is there a section of your business that drains you financially? Is there a section of your business that you do not have the heart for?

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Inspiration for Today

A short blog today, the words are enough. A beautiful quote from the wonderful book I just read, thought it was appropriate for a life to live today. "These then are my last words to you Be not afraid of life.... Believe that life is worth living Your belief will help...

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Goal Setting

As my holiday comes to an end I have a little reflection. Now as much as I am one to preach about boundaries and taking time off from the business, to me writing is not a chore, and Canada is a huge beautiful country! So on 6 hour journeys travelling from place to...

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It’s all about the EGGS!!!

When you put yourself in your clients position and walk through your enrollment process through to arrival – are they getting the best experience at every step? Because if they are not, then you need to think WHY not and what can I do to change it.

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Dance School Owner???? Check this out!!!!

You are also a….. Accountant Bookkeeper Marketing manager Receptionist CEO Entrepreneur Technician Strategist IT specialist Designer Events organiser Administrator Producer Marketing consultant Cleaner Business Manager Health and safety executive Writer DJ Stage...

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