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“I have gained 22 new students just from the tips in The Dance Den”


Dance School Owner

Why The Dance Den?

Well it’s dedicated to dance school owners for being pretty darn amazing!!!

As teachers we are trained as technicians, we know how to teach a pirouette or correct an arm; lead a class confidently and passionately. So this site is not about teaching – I think you can do that really well already.

This site is about business – not any old business –the business of dance! And anyone who has run or worked in a dance school knows that is a whole different ball game! Or is it?

Let’s be clear here!  If you are a hobby school, maybe The Dance Den is not for you, because this is about making money, being valued, streamlining your business to work for you!  You CAN earn a very good living from owning a dance school!  But just like technique which starts with the foundations first – you MUST apply that same principal to your business.

By providing modules and courses on ALL aspects of running your business, The Dance Den can help you make your business more profitable, less stressful and easier to manage.

What will I gain from The Dance Den?

  • Profit
  • Retention
  • Expansion
  • Time
  • Support
  • A dance family who understand your needs
  • Knowledge
  • Business Skills

About you

You would teach for free if you could, because it’s all about the kids, your dance school is like a family its everything to you.  Or your dream is to own a dance school, but you can’t get out of your 9-5!


If you could wave a magic wand it would give you more time, less stress, more revenue and more students. You would have a streamlined business that boosts your income and you can finally have that thriving, go to dance school you have always dreamed of.

About me

I am a mum of 2 amazing handsome boys (I am biased!), they are 4 and 8, so between the school run, I fit in work! It’s hard, and it’s a juggling act, but any mum understands that keeping all the balls in the air is difficult. My dance school was my first baby – so technically I have 3!

I started dancing at 3, led through the traditional exam structure of ballet, tap and modern.  Numerous competitions, shows and events, led me to college and then onto my BA Hons in Performing Arts.  After working abroad, I returned home to set up my dance school, forgoing the traditional (there were enough of them!) I started a non-exam, recreational based school, focusing on street and jazz dance.

18 years later, it is still going strong amongst fierce competition and recession.  However in 16 years, since my numbers grew past 230, they have never dipped lower than that.  I believe in ethical teaching, honesty and strong values, some may call it old-fashioned, I don’t care, I am proud of it.

I am a business woman at heart, I LOVE numbers! Not in the accountant way, in the creative way, break-evens, profit forecast, cash infusions, class numbers and costings! Numbers are key to business, just as they are in dance! Marketing is creative too, I have great fun with that!

Last year I did my post grad in mentoring and entrepreneurial practice, wrote and launched a book,  got to the finals of an entrepreneur award and launched ‘child’ no 4 – The Dance Den.  When you sign up for my FREE eBook – you also get a weekly principal tip – these tips alone have helped one dance school owner gain 22 students!  Imagine what my programs will do! I am also a mentor for Business in Wales.

This is all REALLY from a place of experience – I literally have the t-shirt in every colour and then some!

Check out the courses section for everything The Dance Den can offer.

See you in The Den

Sarah Gittins BA (Hons), PGCMEP, QCF Level 3 Internet Marketing

A few random facts about me!

  • I flew over the Grand Canyon in a 6 seater plane!
  • I once rode across the Mississippi Bridge on a Harley Davidson!
  • I learnt to choreograph in 5 languages!

‘You are amazing – thank you so much for all the tips!’

Julie Hutchings

Prima Stage School

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