The Dance Den provides a community, support, business modules and courses on all aspects of running a dance school. With a wealth of experience and information – you do not have to do this alone!

Working with me is about getting results.

More profit, solutions & creativity in your dance school.

The Dance School Owner's Survival Guide:

Everything You Need To Set Up And Run A Successful Dance School

||Discovering the Dance Den has been the best thing i've done to help me better myself as a dance school manager. I literally don't want to run the business without her!|| Gemma - Sutton School of Dance

If I asked the question ‘would you like to run a successful dance school, have more time for yourself and less stress?’

I am sure the answer would be yes.

From one principal to another – I get it! It’s not easy juggling everything between admin, marketing, finances, staff and shows the list is endless, BUT it doesn’t have to be that way. You can run a profitable and successful dance school, you can improve your business skills so you can minimise your administration and maximise your time. You can be that ‘go to’ dance studio who attracts the right clients to your school.

The Dance Den can help you by leading you through the business of dance step by step; I still run my 300+ school so get and understand the current and changeable market. So it’s time to step up, learn some new skills or improve others and let’s get your numbers and profitability rising.

The Dance Den is on a mission to empower dance school owners to run a better business and after 18 years of running my own school (and still growing) I have been there and got the t-shirt in multiple numbers and colours! We trained as teachers, not as business owners – yet our business and YES running a dance school is a business involves SO much more than we ever thought.

Confused by social media marketing?

Need help balancing life, work and family?

Need more students?

More profitable revenue streams?

Feel frazzled with not enough time for everyone?

Help with those dance mums?

What’s your profit? Are you really making money?

Confused on your marketing?

Does all this sound familiar? 

In steps The Dance Den!

You can run a highly profitable dance school

You can create your dream studio

You can make that leap into a full time dance school principal

You can save or make thousands with the right advice and support

You can have a community of Dance School Owners that offer support, knowledge and experience

CAN you afford not to be part of The Dance Den and learn HOW to run a successful dance school?

Ready to make your dance school a success?

I can show you how to run a successful dance school


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